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How to Stop Paying for Data Center Decommissioning

Some business owners and data center operators believe that retired equipment and decommissioned facilities have no value. Luckily, that’s not the case. Because they need experienced experts, specialized equipment, intense manpower, and plenty more—the cost of moving or closing a data center looks like a complete loss to them. But, while it’s true that effective decommissioning teams can be quite costly— your data center has a lot more to contribute than it appears. Done right, data center decommissioning can bring you big financial rewards. If you understand that nearly all your end-of-life equipment is potentially recoverable and resellable, you can stop paying a high price and choose the right decommissioner.

Inventory Your Assets.

Before you power down your data center, close server connections, and end storage operations, you should create an asset inventory. Preferably, you can have the decommissioner do it for you. When getting quotes, ask about the data center decommissioner’s asset recovery process (if they have one). Preferred Power Source believes in this essential element of service for easier assessment and better valuation of your machines before refurbishment and resale. It creates better outcomes for everyone involved.

Remove and Reassess.

Once you relocate your data and shift licenses, have your decommissioning partner rediscover the value of your assets while removing the machines. They should determine which assets will sell as they are or be worth the time to refurbish. While removal and secure recycling feature often in data center decommissioning services, most companies would rather focus on collecting a hefty fee than generating income for you.

Resell for a Profit.

In addition to recyclers, more experienced, client-focused data center professionals act as refurbishers and resellers. They restore assets after data destruction and offer them to potential buyers at a quoted price, saving you money and even generating income. Preferred Power Source prides itself when it can cut a check for a client from the recovered value of their assets at the end of a data center decommission. (You can learn more about ROI-focused decommissioning through our free, five-step checklist.)

Stop Paying, Start Earning.

You don’t have to accept the norm of only losing time, money, and effort in decommissioning a center where you invested countless hours and resources. Instead, if you choose a data center decommissioner carefully, the close of a data center can open the door to unexpected income. Looking beyond the retirement of your machines, you could be sitting on a wealth of value. Preferred Power Source can help you unlock the true worth of your closing data center with expertise in efficient removal, recovery, and resale. As a general contractor, maintenance servicer, and even electrical and mechanical expert—we focus on ROI in every aspect of our work with data centers. Stop paying the price for decommissioning, and start creating a return on your investment with Preferred Power Source. You can get a free quote over the phone at (888) 297-5524, or contact us with your data center needs


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