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Your Five-Step, ROI-Focused Data Center Decommissioning Checklist

It’s time to decommission your data center. It’s a complex, daunting task. You’re concerned about getting a clear roadmap to the project’s success. You also want to save time and money.

That's because you know decommissioning a data center can be taxing on you and your resources. There are liabilities, risks, and pitfalls. You must stay ahead of schedule. How can a data center decommissioning checklist help?

How can a data center decommissioning checklist help me?

A checklist gives you a good place to start. It outlines all the stages for a successful decom. And, if it is worth it’s salt, it will include ways to get a return on your investment in the data center.

For example, the checklist might give tasks for recovering, refurbishing, and reselling assets. Then, a checklist helps by reminding you what’s important about the decommission: your ROI.

Why should I use a data center decommissioning checklist?

By using a checklist, you can ensure that you write yourself a check at the end of your project. In our experience, serious clients use a checklist to maximize their return. Without it, they often feel a real struggle to focus on tasks and get everything done on schedule. What does a data center decommissioning checklist include? Your checklist should be as unique as your data center. Whichever checklist you use, it should accommodate your goal to get a return. For example, our data center decommissioning checklist has five stages. All the stages aim to get you a check after your decom.

In the first stage, you work to inventory, identify, and cancel assets. Then, you backup, disconnect, and power down those assets. This is where most companies and checklists stop. But, we go further. We know you need an all-in-one solution focused on ROI.

Removal and refurbishment makes up the third stage. Instead of destroying valuable assets, we suggest you repurpose them. The key fourth stage follows: “Resell and Generate Return." This is the happiest stage of all for our clients.

In the closing, fifth stage, you log, pack, and update. That means you tell your finance department about your success. "I decommissioned our data center and generated revenue!" We can imagine that future for you. Where do I get a data center decommissioning checklist? We offer a free download of our data center decommissioning checklist. We hope you'll use it to guide your next decommission. Get a return on your investment, and avoid unnecessary complications. Download our checklist today.

Increase ROI, and write yourself a check at the end of your decom. Once you follow our five-step process, you'll resell assets for a return. It gives you a roadmap for complicated work that saves you time in planning.

What if I need more than a data center decommissioning checklist?

For more information about data center decommissioning, get our professional opinion. We have hundreds of cumulative years of experience with decoms. Map out your next decommission with a free, inclusive quote. Call us at (888) 297-5524.

Are you doing your decom right?


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