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Complete Data Center Decommission with Core and Shell Restoration

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

This was a site that PPS worked directly Broadcom Corporation to lay out the scope of work for the Property Manager/Cushman & Wakefield at their Irvine World Head Quarters Data Center. The Site was approximately a 23,000 sq ft data center facility that needed a turnkey decommission solution with a core and shell restoration for the site. Broadcom signed the site over to the Cushman & Wakefield and Preferred Power Source performed a complete turnkey decommission of the data center, plus a core and shell restoration for the site and wrote the property management a check for $50,000.00. Preferred Power Source turned the site over back to the property management company who started the new tenant improvements within the week.

Work Performed: A Turnkey Solution with Core and Shell Restoration of approximately a 23,000 sq ft., Broadcom Corporation Data Center facility located in Irvine, California. From start to finish Preferred Power Source handled all electrical and mechanical, disconnects, evacuation and disposal of refrigerant, diesel fuel and lead acid batteries. Palletizing, removal, plus crane and rigging of all assets located on site. Core and shell restoration consisted of removal of all interior improvements, partitions, ceiling, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, cable tray, conduit, piping, trapeze, ladder racks, hangers, straps from walls, flooring and roof deck. Removal and replace generator rooftop steel beams to be able to remove generator from site. Decommission and removal of (1) 2000kw 3512B Caterpillar Diesel Generator. (15) 20 ton Data Aire CRAC units. Decommission and removal of (4) Poweware UPS’s, (4) MGE Comet UPS’s, (4) MGE Galaxy UPS’s and (2) Eaton 9135 UPS’s with (19) battery cabinets, totaling approximately 76,000lbs in lead acid batteries. Decommission and removal of (8) MGE Static Transfer Switch’s and (12) Liebert PDU’s. Decommission and removal of all redundant switchgear powering the site. Decommission and remove (3) Carrier Water Cooled Liquid Chiller. Removal of 350 server racks and data cabling throughout date canter.

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