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Data Centers


We decommission data centers as a specialty under a general contracting license. Each data center presents its own challenges and liabilities. We uniquely approach each center to refurbish and resell assets for a return on your investment.


Property Managers


We perform general contracting, electrical disconnects, and mechanical maintenance for property managers. Our general contracting license allows us to work on a variety of mechanical, electrical, and asset recovery projects.



Preferred Power Source saves manufacturing clients time and money through full-service for their project. If you are a manufacturer, you can save time and money usually wasted through subcontracting and inflated fees.


Colleges and Universities


We can decommission, disconnect, rig and remove all kinds of assets as well as contract on a general basis. For institutions looking to protect assets and preserve resources, we are a comprehensive, hassle-free solution to your needs.


Healthcare Centers and Hospitals


We approach each project with care and confidence. That's how we offer a turnkey solution to a diverse range of contracting and asset recovery needs. Our mission for healthcare clients is to protect the integrity of the center and reduce costs.


Banking and Financial Institutions


Data is king when it comes to financial institutions. Preferred Power Source is a licensed general contractor specializing in data center decommissioning and asset recovery. We outperform others with an emphasis on individual relationships and ROI.


Tech Industries


Preferred Power Source specializes in data center decommissioning, refurbishing, and reselling. Our tech clients know that we are experts in our field who deliver turnkey solutions.


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