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our story

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient, and cost-reducing service. From our headquarters in California, we’ve scouted the top talent and pooled hundreds of years of experience dedicated to asset recovery.

core values

We believe in safety. That’s why we handle all hazardous materials with liability awareness. We believe in efficiency. That’s why we deliver on schedule. We believe in saving you money. That’s why we refurbish and resell assets to get you a return.


We are committed to quality on every site for every client. We know that each project requires a unique, tailored approach to asset recovery. By approaching each decommission as an individual, we excel in results on schedule.


We’re not in the scrap metal business. We recover, refurbish, and resell assets for a return on your investment. You reduce costs, reuse assets, and ensure nothing goes to the landfill. We do our part.

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facilities manager for broadcom corporation

In Septemeber of 2015 I had called Preferred Power Source in order to remove an old UPS and generator at one of our San Jose locations. I met with John Yurek and went over the job in question. From the very start John and his staff were very professional at every step going over and beyond in the process of removal of the equipment. Our company has continued to hire Preferred Power Source has since handled the decommission of our data centers in Irvine and San Jose, CA locations. I would highly recommend Preferred Power Source and John Yureks team to everyone.


facilities & building manager

 roe dental laboratories

My company purchased a new building due to growth in our business. It was in need of a major remodel and was filled with assets that needed to be sold to help with our remodel costs. I scoured the internet for companies that could help with this transition and came across Preferred Power Source. After discussing my situation with them, I realized that this was the company perfect for my dilemma. John walked me through the process and gave me a more than generous deal ready to roll. I could not believe how efficient and knowledgeable they were during the whole process. I highly recommend Preferred Power Source to any company that is in need of their services and wouldn’t hesitate contacting  them again in the future.

Daryl R.

Property Manager

Rosen Properties

I worked with Preferred Power Source on a job they did for us removing two generators, switch gear and mechanical equipment we no longer needed. Their crew went above and beyond and completed the project on time with no issues. The generators were extremely large and needed a rather big crane to pick off the ground. They coordinated this work flawlessly and our other tenants had no issues

during this work.

Overall we highly recommend Preferred Power Source.

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