preferred power


general contracting

Preferred Power Source is a licensed general contractor. Our mission is to value the client and give them value. We do this through lasting relationships and bringing a return on their investment. Clients tell us we outperform other contractors with speed, skill, and on-schedule delivery.


data center


We specialize in decommissioning data centers as a licensed general contractor. Other companies are experts at donating to landfills. We refurbish and resell data center assets for a return on your investment. Our process reduces the cost of decommissioning your assets, and we can even write you a check! Everything you need to recover assets, reduce costs, and get a return is part of our process.


Battery Recycling/Replacement

Preferred Power Source is a team specializing in every facet of asset recovery. We handle, process, and replace hazardous materials like lead-acid batteries. We perform recycling and replacement of batteries carefully and responsibly.




Preferred Power Source is a go-to for the restoration needs of our clients. Clients choose us for the restoration of facades and structures because they know we deliver on-schedule. We also reduce costs and offer a personal approach to each project.




We handle all your electrical and mechanical data center needs in our process. We are aware of liabilities, and the hazards of electrical and mechanical maintenance are part of our plan. Whether you need an electrical disconnect or mechanical support, we perform service and maintenance with speed and expertise.




Preferred Power Source never has to outsource or subcontract for the rigging, removal, and relocation of assets. We have the resources and expertise to crane rig generators and fuel tanks, for example, in-house. This means you save time and money spent on other contractors or inflated fees.




Recovery of refrigerants is the first step in preventative maintenance and repair. We offer all-in-one, in-house service for maintenance and repair. Details like refrigerant recovery are part of our suite of offerings.




Preferred Power Source provides a wide range of services related to the design, installation, service and monitoring of quality fire protection systems.



Preferred Power Source provides demolition services under our General Contractor License including removing hazardous or regulated materials, obtaining necessary permits, all while carefully preserving valuable elements for reuse purposes.