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What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

Data Center Decommissioning | Preferred Power Source

Decommissioning a data center can be costly, complicated, and confusing work. It involves an experience with various terms and strange acronyms that could leave you in the dark without proper guidance. In other places, we outline the benefits of decoms, but here we want to share a long-form definition to a general question, “What is IT asset disposition (ITAD)?”

IT asset disposition has been around since at least the 90s. It is the natural outcome of the huge impact computers made during the 1980s when computing and data really took off. After computers started becoming a standard household item, people and companies stated to question what would happen to these devices after they completed their lifecycle. IT asset disposition was born.

IT Asset Disposition. Defined.

Put simply, IT asset disposition is the process of refurbishing and reselling devices for scrap or inherent value. We have come a long way since the 1980s in terms of computing, but still our devices have a natural lifecycle that demands disposition and refurbishment from time to time.

The Process of IT Asset Disposition

IT asset disposition has a number of factors that influence whether it can be made into a profitable and ROI-positive process. Since Preferred Power Source specializes in making decommissions profitable for companies and businesses, we thought we would share a few domains that can get you started thinking about an effective disposition workflow.

The key domains involved in any asset disposition process are:

1. Asset Tracking

2. Legal Compliance

3. Software Harvesting

4. Data Destruction

5. Refurbishment

6. Recycling

Asset Tracking involves making note of every possible device as it moves through your unique process of disposition, while legal compliance will involve maintaining accordance with data destruction and protection regulations. When you harvest software, you are removing it from expired and retired systems for use in other equipment, and data destruction is the purge of all systems to render the devices reusable.

Refurbishment is perhaps the most important step for companies concerned with reclaiming investments and value from retired devices. It involves understanding the life and future of each device such that you can device which systems demand mere recycling (the shredding of non-sellable electronics).

Final Thoughts

All our projects enjoy the benefit of being led through an ITAD process that leads to ROI. We specialize in getting a return on end-of-life assets through responsible data practices and destruction. While we secure and wipe data, we also help you recoup the cost of your data center through asset recovery and reselling of surplus equipment.

Our process has worked to get our clients a check at the end of their decom. We can help in your digital transformation as a decommissioner and e-waste recycler of data storage devices. ITAD is part of our unique process that leads to results for data centers and businesses with excess, retired equipment.

For more information about the benefits of disposition and decommission of your data center or corporate headquarters with Preferred Power Source, contact one of our representatives. We can help you map out your next project with a free, inclusive quote. Call (888) 297-5524 ext. 108.


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