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3 Key Benefits of Decommissioning Your Data Center

Decommissioning your data center can be complicated, costly, and downright daunting. As we explored in our five steps to decommissioning a data center, the process requires that you plan and power down as well as recover, refurbish, and resell it assets. These essential steps apply whether your closing or moving your center. If done correctly (with or without multiple vendors), they can result in real, tangible benefits for you and your team.

1. Decoms can cut data security loose-ends.

If you have stories of comatose servers and hard drives and other equipment that houses sensitive, personal data, the risk of a data breach can be great when these devices stick around past their hardware lifecycle. By hiring a trusted data center decommissioner, the proper data sanitization steps to secure data are taken to wipe these devices and prepare them for a safe resell.

While total destruction and complete removal of e waste and drives guarantees sensitive data is lost, it also remains the more expensive option while it neglects the possibility of getting you a return after your data centre decom is said and done. By partnering with a reputable decommissioner for server decommissioning and equipment removal, you can ensure the safety of your data while you enjoy the other benefits of decommissioning your data center.

2. Decoms can recover costs.

Investing in your IT infrastructure through a data center is as necessary as it is expensive. When you consider that no matter what equipment you secure for your center’s needs that it will depreciate over time and need to be retired in the asset lifecycle, you might be operating under the pretense that this is just the way things are.

Rather, decommissioning a data center with a responsible team can mean that you can recover some of the original investment you made in your data center's hardware assets. Rather than simply shut down or relocate, you can also engage in the recovery of excess equipment through responsible recycling for reuse.

Before you hire a e waste recycler or data center decommissioner, ask them about how they ensure compliant data, erasure software, and equipment maintenance practices while reselling assets.

3. Decoms can increase compliance.

Your data center operates under strict regulatory compliance standards, especially for cloud providers. When you choose to decommission your data center and work with a professional who specializes in asset disposition and electronic waste, you can rest assured that your data is not only safe but also meets the required standards for data protection regulations. Afterward, you’ll know you have no loose ends to worry about bringing up to code.

All our projects enjoy benefits like these because we specialize in getting a return on end-of-life assets through responsible data destruction. While securing and wiping data, we help you recoup the cost of your data center through asset recovery and reselling of unused servers and surplus equipment. Our process is proven and has worked to get our clients a check at the end of their decom. We can help in your digital transformation as a decommissioner and e waste recycler of data storage devices.

For more information about the benefits of decommissioning your data center or corporate headquarters with Preferred Power Source, contact one of our experienced representatives. We can help you map out your next decommission with a free, inclusive quote.

Call (888) 297-5524 ext. 108.


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