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Your Five Steps to Decommission a Data Center

Steps to Decommission a Data Center | Preferred Power Source

You know that your data center needs to be overhauled, and the job done right. It’s a matter of security, efficiency, and some complexity. You want to ensure that you cover every detail and avoid possible pitfalls while saving your company time and money. That's where having steps to decommission a data center can help.

With them, you can stay ahead of schedule and project pain. Without them, you might find yourself wondering if this is too complex a job for you or your contractors. So, let’s jump in with our first steps to decommission a data center.

What are the first steps to decommission a data center?

The first step of planning out and powering down gives you a clean slate. It eliminates the working component of data centers that often make them unwieldy and complicated. And, if it’s done right, it will involve backing up and securing all of your data and software licenses.

For example, our data center decommissioning checklist gives individual steps to inventory, backup, and disconnect. The checklist helps as a reminder; it tells you what to do as you plan out and power down.

Three Repeatable Steps: Recovery, Refurbishment, and Reselling

The three steps that follow your power down are the bread and butter of decommissioning. It is during these crucial steps that project managers and contractors secure ROI. It means the value of your data center is rediscovered and recovered through refurbishing and reselling assets. When done with expertise, it will involve securely wiping drives and enjoying a return on your investment.

For instance, our data center decommissioning checklist describes the process of recovery, refurbishment, and reselling. You remove servers, wipe contents, and create value. The checklist may help to remind you to focus on developing ROI as you take steps to decommission a data center.

Final Process: Coordination and Conclusion Your personal steps to decommission a data center will be as unique as your site. Whatever steps you follow, they should aim themselves at your goal to save time, conserve resources, and get a return. The final steps, once you have rediscovered the value of your assets, is to log information for audits and prevent damage during relocation.

The final process in our data center decommissioning checklist includes coordination and conclusion. It’s a final step that aims to get you a check after your decom. Basically, it involves logging, packing, and updating your finance department. That means you tell your company about your success. Where do I get more information? Preferred Power Source offers a free download of our data center decommissioning checklist. You can use it to guide your next decommission through five stages of asset recovery. Get ROI, and avoid project complications. Download our checklist today.

Increase your return, and write yourself a check to close up your decom. Once you follow our five-step process, you'll resell assets for a return. It gives you a map for the complex work and steps to decommission a data center that saves you time.

For more information about your data center decommissioning, get our professional opinion. We have hundreds of cumulative years of experience with decoms. Map out your next decommission with a free, inclusive quote. Call us at (888) 297-5524 ext 108.

Are you doing your decom right?


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