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Complete Sprint, Nextel MSO Facility Decommission

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

This site is a good example on how Preferred Power Source can help the building property management firm with the end of lease negations. Sprint and Bixbyland Property Management Group where going back and forth on what needed to be brought back to original condition and what equipment had to go. Preferred Power Source stepped in and proposed to purchase all the assets , provide a complete core and shell restoration, and write the property firm a check for $90,000.00. Sprint was very happy to get out of their lease with very little expense and the property management firm was happy to have their facility restored and money for new tenant improvements. The property was leased to a new manufacturing company before we even finished.

Work Performed: A Turnkey Solution with Core and Shell Restoration of approximately a 35,000 sq ft., Sprint Nextel MSO Switching facility located in Yorba Linda, California. From start to finish Preferred Power Source handled all electrical and mechanical, disconnects, evacuation and disposal of refrigerant, fire suppression, diesel fuel and lead acid batteries. Palletizing, removal, plus crane and rigging of all assets located on site. Core and shell restoration consisted of removal of all interior improvements, partitions, ceiling, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler, cable tray, conduit, piping, trapeze, ladder racks, hangers, straps from walls, flooring and roof deck. Break and remove generator pad, walls and condensing fan farm concrete. Decommission and removal of (3) 750kw Cummins Diesel Generators, with (3) 3000 gallon Containment Solutions tanks and 3 day tanks. Decommission and removal of  (18) 15 ton Liebert CRAC units, plus (18) 4 fan condensing units. Decommission and removal of (4) Pelco UPS Systems with 500 C&D Technology batteries weighing approximately 150,000lbs. Decommission and removal of Vesda, Fike Pre-action, FM-200 and wet system through out building, with approximately 9000lbs of Fm-200. Decommission and removal of all Telecom Communications equipment throughout the site. Polish concrete floor, plus paint all interior warehouse walls.

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