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data center decommissioning

Decommissioning data centers is our specialty as a licensed contractor. Other demolition companies create scrap. We refurbish and resell assets for a return on your investment. Our process offsets the cost of decommissioning, and we can even write you a check!



Your data center is your livelihood. We can decommission, disconnect, rig and remove your assets to their new location. And, we do it on schedule. Our comprehensive services are an all-in-one, hassle-free solution to your data center needs.

electrical & mechanical


We perform electrical and mechanical disconnects with speed and expertise using liability awareness. Hazardous materials give us no pause. We handle, transport, and process lead acid, gas, refrigerants, PCBs, and diesel.



We refurbish and resell data center assets. That's how we offer a turnkey solution to a diverse range of data center needs. Everything you need to decommission, reduce costs, and get a return lives in our process.


& removal

Preferred Power Source has resources at our disposal others can't compete with. We even operate crane rigging of generators and diesel fuel tanks. You save time and money rather than hiring added contractors.



Preferred Power Source is a licensed general contractor as well. We outperform others with an emphasis on productive relationships and added value.

our story

Preferred Power Source specializes in data center decommissioning, refurbishing, and reselling. We are licensed general contractors. We handle every step in the process with turnkey solutions. We reduce costs and build lasting relationships. We help you get a return on your investment—not the landfill's.

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